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22 Popular New Years’ Resolutions That You’ll Never Keep

Hi, I'm Lyle Benjamin, Founder of Planned Acts of Kindness. Hope you’re doing great! With this being the start of the New Year, we are full of optimism and hope that the future [...]

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PAK Pledge

Check PAK pledge from our supporters!

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Animal Matters

Even ducks have reasons to be grateful to first responders...

What You Can Do to Help Animals http://www.animalmatters.org/what-you-can-do/

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Happy Wednesday !
If you plant it, it will grow amazingly and you will enjoy it.
If you build or make something, it will finally come and you will enjoy it too.
Same with kindness, the more you build and plant kindness the more it grows, and I can tell, you will enjoy it too!
#plantkindess #dogood #smile #bekind #plannedactsofkindness #PAK

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Need your help. Have a question: What name do you like the best for PLANNED ACTS OF KINDNESSES SOCIAL RESPONSILITY OUTREACH CLUBS?
Thanks much!

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How do we cure the problems on the planet? By uniting people of faith …

Doesn’t matter what your religion is if we want to save the world. We have one God one planet and one people … And the people that “get” it are the ones that will become leaders of the world and save the planet …

1 month ago
It All Begins With You ...

Want to make a difference? Go to PlannedActs.Org and join the Karma Club:: The more you do the greater your rewards. And think about the communities that you belong to? A company, an organization, a government agency, a school, a church or temple? Sign up and create a community group, and earn group rewards for your team and your community … !


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Thank you for your service … I appreciate it.

Simple words that make a difference — in your life and theirs ...

1 month ago
The weather outside is frightful ...

It's cold out and it's getting colder ... time to cherish the relationships you have even if the people aren't present.

Give someone you know a warm up call and brighten their day, and yours as well. A heater isn't the only thing that can warm your heart, body and soul.

Go to PlannedActs.Org/karmaclub

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Why Should You Do Planned Acts Of Kindness & Join the Karma Club?

How often do you get to really make a positive impact in life? Most of us would like to, but we aren't given the opportunity except through our work ... Well, now you have that opportunity, and it's daily, and it's cumulative and it's significant. Sign up today and pay it forward.

Go to PlannedActs.Org/karmaclub

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In Death, We Are Reminded That One Life Matters, and We Are All Better Off Because of It.

Today, Kindness and Gratitude took hold for a stranger as people came together as one ...

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VROOOM ... Planned Acts of Kindness is taking off ... with a little assist from NASCAR!!! Time to join the Karma Club and get your engines started !

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Time to Start Your Engines ... !

Nascar is getting set to start its racing season and Planned Acts of Kindness is right there with them ... Check out our ad in NASCAR fan magazine ... fans are the still considered the best ... and I

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#myecoresolution is to avoid single-use of plastic. Having my own reusable bags, refillable water bottle, coffee cup, straw. Buying local grocery, ride shared drives and of course continue finding out new ways to waste less because recycling is not enough. I won't lie, I can never be 'perfect' but I've been doing my best to positively change my life in order to prevent climate change.
#bekind #dogood #simplekindness #nomoreplastic #noplastic #ChangeYourHabits #YouCanStopPullution

The planet ... See more

1 month ago
“The Most Important Things in Life Aren’t Things”

It’s all about people, people. It’s not about the size of your 4K HDTV or your car company and model; it’s not about the number of cars that you can fit into your garage … and it’s not about the number of friends you have on facebook — the only thing that’s important are the quality of your relationships …


1 month ago
The Launch Countdown Begins … Leaders Wanted!

We’re looking for people that want to make a difference in other people’s lives by becoming leaders in our organization … learning and sharing what we do, and becoming inspirations and heroes to others. Our Missions are unbelievably ambitious, (see PlannedActs.Org) but with your help we will succeed. So volunteer today and start being a hero …