The Karma Club

The Karma Club 2018-12-19T02:06:49-04:00

One of the main goals of Planned Acts of Kindness is to bring people together from around the world to work together for the betterment of kids, people and the planet. This is primarily done through Member activities in The Karma Club.

Members that achieve all four of the following objectives during the month level up and are eligible for our daily gift giveaways.

1. Daily PAKs: Helping Others Helps Ourselves
2. Membership: Inviting Others to Join the Karma Club
3. Volunteering: PAK Community Outreach
4. Donations: Supporting Our Outreach Programs

“The More You Do The Greater Your Rewards.”


#1. Your Daily PAK
#2. Membership
#3. Volunteering
#4. Donations