Mission & Goals

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The problems of the world are not going to be solved by governments, corporations or religions, but by people around the world working together as one, with a common focus that is consistent, persistent and insistent in its scope.

Each day Karma Club members all over the world will wake up and on their cell phones, computers and devices, there is a daily Planned Act of Kindness that they can do with their family, friends, co-workers and in their community.

The goal is to have tens of millions of people doing the same thing on the same day, and unleashing that much powerful, positive energy into world. And because many problems take more than one day to effect change, we have the Cause of the Month as well.

So again, we ask you to volunteer and add your efforts to the chorus of activists that embrace all segments of society, as we strive to create the peace and harmony that will give balance to world, and bring happiness and longevity to its children.

The Time To Get Involved Is Now!

2018 PAK Reach 1 million Karma Club PAK Members
2018 NKM Establish December as National Kindness Month
2019 BOOKS Publish Four “16Things” Titles
2019 CPC Establish Four Community Partner Centers
2019 NKM Establish August as National Kids’ Month
2019 BOOKS Have Over 1 million 16Things Books in Distribution
2020 PAK Reach 5,000,000 Karma Club PAK Members
2022 CPC Have CPCs in Major City across US
2022 PAK Reach 25 million Karma Club PAK Members Worldwide

Our Vision:
Our Vision is to have millions of people around the world working together as one to help solve the problems that confront life on our planet.

Our Dreams:
2019 NKM Establish International Kids’ Month
2019 WKM Establish April as World Kindness Month
2020 PAK Meet the Pope & Have Him Promote PAK
2025+ ALL Win Nobel Peace Prize!

Our Mission, Goals, Vision, & Dreams:

We Must Demonstrate Consistency, Persistency & Insistency, and Live Life with:

1. Desire
2. Determination
3. Coachability
4. Action

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Saving Our Planet Overview


The Data Is In, We Have Less Than 20 Years To Fix Our Global
Problems Or The World As We Know It Will Come To An End

If you listen to the pundits and prognosticators, the world is poised on the edge of a knife …

  • Scientists have concluded that Climate Change is the biggest threat to our survival
  • Politicians have concluded that Terrorism is the biggest threat to our survival
  • Generals have concluded that War is the biggest threat to our survival
  • Doctors have concluded that a Pandemic is the biggest threat to our survival
  • Economists have concluded that Overpopulation is the biggest threat to our survival
  • Environmentalists have concluded that Pollution is the biggest threat to our survival
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A sampling of the many factors that can irrevocably change the course of the life on the planet if we don’t actively work to reverse the trajectory of the past 100+ years :Climate Change, Terrorism, WarPandemic, Overpopulation, Pollution

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The problems in the world are not going to be solved by governments or corporations, but by ordinary people around the world working together with a common purpose and uncommon passion …

Thank you for your interest in our programs! We look forward to understanding your “Why.” Why do you want to make a difference?

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