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To request an appointment with Lyle Benjamin please use the calendar and form to pick a day and time and provide us with your basic contact details.

You must choose a type of location and appointment before you can choose your date and time.

The required fields Organization, Title, School, and Major must be filled in, so please enter N/A if not applicable.

Most appointments are available Mon through Friday except Karma Guy TV/Radio Interview which is only Monday and Friday. Karma Guy TV/Radio Interview also must be made in person or via Skype, a phone interview is not an option.

Select the DAY you wish to meet (Gray Square) and then the TIME … GRAY times are already taken.

Skype ID is only required if you plan on using Skype. You can also send a Skype request to 16Things to connect with Lyle.

Please make appointments no less than 24 hours of sending a request as it may take 12 to 24 hours to confirm the request.

Thank you,
Planned Acts of Kindness Staff

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