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Nothing happens until you ask. You may be pleasantly surprised at who is happy to contribute … Donations are used to help fund and support our Outreach Programs.

Donations can be any of the following: Funds, Products, Services, Sponsorship or Grants

Cash Donations: Simply a one time, monthly or annual basis gift.

Products: Computers, tablets, permanent or temporary community outreach space, printing, restaurant gift certificates, coats, clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc.

Services: Public relations, publicity, IT, web development, App development, CRM, marketing, social media, advertising space, grant writing, etc.

Activities: Movie tickets, admission to events, attractions, museums, concerts, zoos, aquariums, gardens, lectures, seminars, etc.

Sponsorships & Grants are also welcome. Please contact us to learn more.

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Quality of Life Programs for All:

  • Planned Acts of Kindness
  • National & International Kindness Month Programs
  • World Kindness Month
  • Social Responsibility Community Clubs
  • The Karma Guy TV & Radio Hour
  • Cause of the Month

Addressing Individual & Family Issues:

  • 16 Things Educational Books
  • 8-12 Week Better Communication & Literacy Workshops
  • Community Outreach Workshops

Skill & Career Development:

  • Youth Learn & Earn Programs
  • Adult Training & Work Programs
  • Mentorship High School Programs
  • Internship & Work Experience College Programs

$10 Donation:   1 PAK Wristband & 20 PAK Cards

$20 Donation:   2 PAK Wristbands & 50 Cards

$35 Donation:   1 PAK #ItsMyPlanet Full Color Pin, 1 PAK Wristband & 100 PAK Cards

$100 Donation:  1 ItsMyPlanet T-Shirt, 2 PAK #ItsMyPlanet Full Color Pin, 1 PAK Wristband & 200 PAK Cards

$250 Donation:  2 ItsMyPlanet T-Shirts, 10 PAK #ItsMyPlanet Full Color Pins, 8 PAK Wristbands & 500 PAK Cards

$500 Donation:  4 ItsMyPlanet T-Shirts, 25 PAK #ItsMyPlanet Full Color Pins, 25 PAK Wristbands & 1,000 PAK Cards

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Donations LevelsPledgeFree PAK Pledge Cards
Passin' By$510 (1 Standard Set)
Saying Howdy$1020 (1 Standard Set)
Acquaintance$2550 (1 Standard Set)
Associate$50100 (1 Standard Set)
Friend$100200 (1 Standard Set)
Supporter$250500 (1 Custom Set)
Enthusiast$5001000 (1 Custom Set)
Advocate$1,0002000 (1 Custom Set)
Humanitarian$2,5005000 (1 Custom Set)
Radical$5,00010,000 (1 Custom Sets)
Lobbyist$10,00020,000 (2 Custom Sets)
Zealot$25,00050,000 (4 Custom Sets)
Fanatic$50,000100,000 (5 Custom Sets)
Revolutionary$100,000200,000 (5 Custom Sets)
Visionary$250,000500,000 (10 Custom Sets)
Legacy$500,0001,000,000 (10 Custom Sets)
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