Why Donate?

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Why Should You Donate To Support
Planned Acts of Kindness and 16 Things’ Programs?
A Few Important Considerations:
1.Helps Support people in times of need
2.Give us Purpose by providing the structure to act on social issues
3.Provides Strength to do the things we can’t do individually
4.Gives us Hope for a brighter future
5.Affords us Safe Place to strive for social good
6.Gives us a stake in the social Solutions to our problems
7.Presents and rewards Creativity in working to solve issues
8.Implements Innovation without bowing to profit

Business Donations:
All of the previous reasons & then some more …
Gain Customer Support:
Giving back to your community will help you gain massive traction with your customers, especially if it is a cause near and dear to their hearts. A recent study done by Cone Communications revealed that 85 percent of consumers have a better outlook on businesses that give back to a charity they care about. Often, there’s a nonprofit organization that easily goes hand-in-hand with an industry, like an organic bakery donating to feeding the homeless.

Good (and Free!) Publicity:
The type of free press that comes from sponsoring a charity certainly is good for business. Sponsoring a program and volunteering your staff members’ time are great ways to not only raise awareness about a specific cause you feel is important, but also to promote your business in partnership with an organization or event. You can get the word out about the event by posting on your social media platforms and your website, and the sponsored event can help you by putting your logo on flyers and event posters. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Hiring the Best Employees:
Getting your company involved with your community is great way to boost morale and keep your employees happy. Giving your employees time to participate in events, especially during work hours, is fun for everyone!

In a study by Deloitte on volunteering, 62 percent of 18-26 year olds questioned “would prefer to work for a company that offers volunteer opportunities to their employees.” What this means for your business is that you have a better likelihood of attracting the type of potential employees you are looking for if you offer these types of experiences.

Tax Breaks:
If for no other reason, some people chose to donate money for financial reasons. In general, you can get deductions of up to 50 percent on your adjusted gross income when you follow the tax code closely and incorporate charitable giving into your business model. When you donate to a charitable organization or a non-profit group, the amount you donate is tax deductible. You can deduct not only the actual amount you donate, but also the amounts you spend on travel, parking costs and volunteer hours and contributions on your income taxes. Many businesses feel this is a great deal for everyone- helping out the community’s needy children and keeping their taxes low.

(Reprinted from “Come Grow with Us” Childcare of Southwest Florida, Inc.)

Corporate Social Responsibility Sponsorship:

Show your Prospects, Clients, Customers, Employees Your Commitment to Corporate Citizenship:

In the cluttered universe of dashed branding, marketing, public relations and social media promotions, it really takes a powerful message to cut through the hype and resonant with people.

Our Non-Profit Educational Organization can provide you with multiple solutions to this problem through our local, national and global outreach programs:

    • We have the Mayor of your city or Governor of your State come to your corporate headquarters to issue a Proclamation establishing August as “National Kids’ Month” and we make it an official photo-op and media event for your company.
    • We put your company logo on the cover of our book and interview your Founder, CEO or President as a Featured Expert in our Social Responsibility books “16 Things Kids’ Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet!”
    • We show millions that you care about the well-being of kids, people and the planet by outreaching through Planned Acts of Kindness:
      1. Have your company logo and website link promoted on our Sponsors’ Page
      2. Add our PAK logo and link to your website, company newsletter, marketing and publicity efforts to show the community you care
      3. Give clients and customers Sponsor/PAK Outreach Cards in your stores and through special events including professional, college and high school sports events and concerts
      4. Sponsor a Planned Act of Kindness or National Kids’ Month Guinness World Record attempt event
      5. Have your employees volunteer some time to work on 16Things Social Responsibility Outreach Programs such as:
        • Promote Planned Acts of Kindness nationally or globally through a variety of outreach initiatives
        • Help establish National Kids’ Month Courses in communities where you have your businesses
        • Building connections with Featured Experts and distributing 16 Things Social Responsibility Books
        • Scheduling and presenting power point Community Outreach Workshops on different topics of interest
        • Working with local schools, churches/temples, politicians to introduce our Volunteer, Mentorship/Internship,Youth & Adult Career Programs
        • Establishing 16T Social Responsibility Clubs in local communities through schools, churches/temples, Greek organizations
        • Organizing (and coaching at) local Basketball & Bonding Parent & Child Family Development Workshops
        • Working with all segments of the community to help establish a local 16Things Community Outreach Center that provides essential education and action programs for free to all residents.

Ways To Donate

Check out our promotional items! Each of our promotional items help in spreading awareness! Your purchase will help with current programs and creating new programs that will spread the awareness of PAK.

Promotional Items

Ready To Get Going? We appreciate your help …


Your donations matter. Every dollar helps us fund our programs:
• Youth & Adult Learn & Earn Programs
• Afterschool Mentorship Programs
• Better Communication & Literacy Workshops
• Community Outreach Workshops
… and every little bit helps.

Donations are tax deductible according to your IRS tax status.


Sponsors Wanted! What goes around, comes around …
Ever want to do more than serve food at a soup kitchen, pick up trash in a park or spend your afternoon walking for cause? Well, this is your chance to make an impact and change lives … including your own.

Maybe it’s about time you …
• Volunteered with us
• Started & managed a 16 Things Social Responsibility Club
• Learned how to give Legacy Building Workshops
• Did Community Outreach about our programs
• Helped establish a Community Partnership Center
• Created social media Viral Videos about our programs
• Donate your talents to make things happen

Sponsor Now

With the Shop Smart Donation Program, you will be able to help PAK while shopping. People of all ages are not being properly educated on essential life skills that are critical to our well-being. With your purchase from our online store the proceeds will be used to help these people improve their lives. Sign up today!

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