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Show Your Heart By Lending a Helping Hand.


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Daily PAKs are the creation of program founder, Lyle Benjamin. As such, they reflect *his outlooks, views, writing sensibilities and humor … or lack thereof.  Any references made to things past, present and future are just that … references made to things past, present and future.

If you are unaware the reference, you are encouraged to look it up in AOL, Google and Amazon respectively. Sorry, if you don’t get this reference, look it up as well …

That said, I sincerely hope you enjoy your Daily PAKS, and our effort to bring people together to make some positive noise in the world.

Feedback welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are recording your Daily PAK activity via Twitter and the hashtag #MyDailyPAK. Thank you

A. Discover your PAK
B. Do your PAK before the end of the day (Midnight)
C. Record you completed PAK by using the green Twitter button on the Daily PAK page.

As a member of the Karma Club you’re invited to take these steps:
1. Daily PAKs
2. Membership:  Inviting others to join the Karma Club
3. Volunteering:  Doing Community Outreach through 16 Things programs
4. Donations:  Obtain $10 in donations to help support 16 Things outreach programs.

Members that achieve all four objectives during the week, level up and are then eligible for PAK give-away prizes!

Remember, “What goes around, comes around.”